Rye Whisky

Tasting Notes

Style: Rye Whisky

ABV: 46.6%

Nose: Herbal spicy notes up front.  Caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar follow with a hint of cinnamon and spice.

Palate: The initial spicy note is quickly replaced by creamy caramels and vanilla. The earthy, herbal spicy note returns with a chalk candy sweetness.

Finish: The rye spice and barrel notes give a dry finish while the warming alcohol and candy sweetness continues to linger, creating interesting and opposing impressions across the palate.

Maturation: 39 months

Cask Types: #4 Char New American White Oak

Mash Bill: Flaked Rye, Rye Malt

Arrowwood is the fourth addition to the exclusive small-batch series by GrainHenge.

This 39-month-old whisky was influenced by one of Canada’s most renowned spirits: Canadian Rye. Head distiller Garret Haynes’ aim was not to improve the Canadian classic but to make something distinct. He explained, “I am not creating rye whisky; I am creating whisky from rye.”

With the incorporation of his craft beer knowledge, he aimed to bring the spicy, herbaceous, and tingling sensation of rye in beer to this whisky. The whisky was made with 61% Flaked Rye, 39% Rye Malt and aged in #4 Char New American White Oak. Haynes notes that he was pleasantly surprised to get so much of the spicy, tingly rye flavours, with a mix of candy sweetness.

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