Meeting Creek No.2

Tasting Notes

Style: Single Malt Whisky 

ABV: 56.6%

Nose: Hints of honey, decadent milk chocolate, and malt characters

Palate: Brimming with warmth, toasted coconut, chocolate, marzipan, and nutty flavours. 

Finish: Bold finish with slightly sweet lingering chocolate. 

Maturation: 54 months

Cask Types: #3 Char New American White Oak, #4 Char New American White Oak

Mash Bill: 2-Row, Brown and Chocolate Malts, Crystal 

We introduce our latest expression: Meeting Creek No.2

Tantalizing aromas of decadent milk chocolate and hints of honey excite on the nose. Flavours of coffee welcome the palate at first, then notes of toasted coconut and marzipan come through. It finishes with a luscious lingering chocolate, leaving you undoubtingly wanting more.

The first release of Meeting Creek took home a Silver medal at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2023.

This award-winning whisky was influenced by one of Troubled Monk’s core beers, Open Road American Brown Ale, which received a Silver medal at the World Beer Cup.

It is the grand sum of it all that cannot be explained; it must be experienced and enjoyed.

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