Meeting Creek No. 2


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Meeting Creek No. 2 is the second expression of the Single Malt Whisky that was influenced by one of Troubled Monk’s core beers, Open Road American Brown Ale. A world class beer with wonderful roasty flavours. When head distiller, Garret Haynes, rewrote this recipe for distillation, he used Open Road’s mash bill for inspiration, increasing the quantity of the specialty malts so the notes of caramel, chocolate, and coffee would shine in the finished spirit. Meeting Creek’s first release was awarded silver at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2023. The second release is at cask strength and has been aged even longer, making the liquid taste more mellow and matured. Fruitier notes shine through and a more intense aroma is to be enjoyed with this release.

ABV 56.6%

Aged 54 months.

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