Alliance No.2

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Tasting Notes

Style: Single Malt Whisky

ABV: 59.3%

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, bourbon aroma alongside the floral and candied orange influence of the barleywine.

Palate: The first sip starts smooth and slightly sweet with vanilla and light caramels. The alcohol slowly rises with the spicy herbal and floral flavours that linger and coat the tongue. A drop or two of water amplifies the caramel nose and brings forth the oak barrel and a licorice spice.

Finish: Flavour becomes even more floral, spicy and complex while sweet, butterscotch joins in the finish.

Maturation: 5 years

Cask Types: #76 ex-Bourbon, ex-Oblation Barleywine Barrel

Grain Bill: 2-Row Malt, Dark Munich Malt

GrainHenge Whisky proudly unveils Alliance No. 2, the brand’s first ever five-year-aged single malt whisky. This release not only represents exceptional craftsmanship but is also a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, and its impact on the whisky industry and community.

Under the parent company of Troubled Monk, GrainHenge leverages the knowledge and experience gained from both realms of brewing and distilling. This innovative advantage has led to the creation of Alliance No. 2, inspired by the malts used in Pesky Pig, a beer crafted by the brewery. What makes this release truly special is its aging process in a barrel initially intended for barleywine, which left an indelible mark on the spirit, infusing it with a distinct character.

This whisky is the result of years of meticulous craftsmanship and innovation, and we are confident that it will stand as a testament to our commitment to producing the finest single malt whisky.


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